FAQ’s for Epilator & Laser Hair Removal

Why would I buy an epilator?

Many females who have frequently shaved their legs and bikini area are now looking for more reliable ways of achieving the same or better outcomes. An epilator gets rid of hairs at the root by plucking them in a tweezer action and pulling them out.


Is an epilator better than an electric shaver?Epilator 05

The action of the epilator indicates that the hairs are gotten rid of from within the skin, so there is no bristle, and the skin feels smoother.

Does the hair grow back thicker?

No, the thickness of the hair is determined by the follicle from which it grows. Epilation or shaving does not change this. Epilation actually causes the hairs to grow back naturally with finer pointers, so there is not the rough feel that a blunt pointer, as left by an electric razor that causes the hairs to look thicker or darker.

Epilator 04Is using an epilator unpleasant?

The tweezing action by which the hairs are removed can cause some short-lived irritation, specifically for new users. Nevertheless, it is probably less unpleasant than plucking your eyebrows.

What is the very best way to epilate?

It is usually thought that at night after a warm and comfortable bath or shower when your skin is unwound is aEpilator 06 good time to use an epilator. In reality, a few of the better epilators can be used while in the bath or shower. When you awaken in the morning any inflammation will be gone, and you will certainly have smooth, lovely legs.

Another plus point about Epilation is that because the hairs are removed at the root they will grow back more slowly as the regrowth is determined by the growth stage of the individual hair follicle. Regular use of the epilator will slowly trigger regrowth to reduce so you can be smoother for longer.

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