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The KneelingChairHQ kneeling chair has grown in popularity thanks to its effectiveness in providing the right posture when one is working desk jobs.

They were initially designed to ensure that proper balance is achieved for the user’s delicate spine when they sit those long hours working on a desk. The human body was of course not designed to sit for a long time and this is why most people experience discomfort when this happens.

The kneeling chair then becomes the perfect solution for individuals with sensitive backs because it eases their pain and allows them to sit more comfortably when working. It helps them achieve more and not succumb to the discomfort that is common with back pains.

Why is It Called So?

It is called so because it is very different from standard desk chairs. It has no back in most cases but it does have cushions to provide adequate support for the shins which are found between your knee and ankle. This enables adequate distribution of all the body weight with the help of the buttocks that are firmly in place on the seat area of the kneel chair.

Human+Instruments+Variable+Balans+Kneeling+Chair (1)How The Chair Works

Most traditional office chairs make your bottom bare a lot of your body’s weight when you are seated. This can cause damage to your spine and the lower back area especially when one sits for long hours. This is where kneeling chairs come into play; they are simply designed to enable the body to sit in a position where the legs are opened or semi-abducted. In this perched position, the spine then creates a more balanced front to back and side to side position and with the body in constant motion, there is little chance of discomfort or complications that arise from uncomfortable sitting positions. Check out this Flash Furniture Kneeling Chair Review for full details on how the chair works.

Word Of Caution

As much as kneeling chairs provide adequate support when seated, sitting in them for a long time is not advisable. It is therefore better to alternate between the convectional desk chair and the kneeling chair to ensure that the back doesn’t become stiff.

This chair has grown in popularity and many people with back pains have found relief from it.

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