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Facts and Myths about Spray Tanning

Sunless tanning describes the process of obtaining a tan without spending hours in the sun. It is additionally referred to as self-tanning, spray tanning, and fake tanning.

The procedure entails the application of a spray, lotion, or cream that contains a tanning agent ( dye based chemical) on to the skin to change the tone of your skin to the desired tan.

There are lots of false impressions drifting around regarding spray tanning. The reason might be that it came as a substitute to sunbathing and using a tanning bed. Both these techniques were discovered to be extremely harmful to the skin.

In reality, sunless tanning products are risk-free for the skin. This reality depends upon the substance used in the items. Products that contain DHA (dihydroxyacetone) and also erythrulose are safe.

More and more companies are coming out with tanning products that contain DHA or erythrulose. Once more, it is a reality that the old tanning items that contained tyrosine, an unsafe tanning agent that could cause skin cancer cells. It is a myth when one says that sunless tanning function as a sun block. A lot of sunless tanning items do not have integrated sunlight protection. Even if an individual acquires a fake tan, he should use a sun block prior to going out in the sun.

Another myth is that a spray tan lasts for more than a month.

Not true! Normally a spray tan lasts for a maximum of 2 weeks. However, there are post tanning creams that you could use to extend the life of your tan which would last for up to a month.

Some think that sunless tanners do not have an expiry date. This in not true all these do have an expiry and should be discarded after the expiry date.

There is also a thought that tanning sprays will stain clothing. This is true if you put on clothes before the tanning product is completely dry. However, if you wait until the tan has absorbed into the skin and were completely dry your clothes are safe.

It is a myth if someone says that a shower can be taken immediately after the drying of the tanning product. It is usually suggested to avoid bathing for a minimum of 24 Hr for the tan to take effect. Some claim that acquiring a tanned complexion makes a person looks a couple of pounds thinner. If it were that very easy, everybody that is overweight would obtain a tan. An artificial tan can make the skin look incredible however it can never make an individual appearance thinner.

Once the misconceptions are separated from the simple facts, a spray tanning item’s benefits could be evaluated as well as its use carried out accordingly.